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I rate it on 4 things, controls, sound graphics, gameplay contols-they are okay, but really bad on some off the balls like slo-mo and motto so-no star Sound- most of it is unessisary and and annoying so-no star Graphics-I saw what they were aiming for so-+1 star Gameplay-simple and easy +1 star I say your taking a risk, it doesnt matter if you like baseball or not, I give it a 3/5 stars


Fun game, but was very disappointed when I upgraded to iPhone 5 and lost all my achievements and power ups, even the ones I purchased from the developers. Really lame guys!


Make a lefty option where the ball is thrown from the left side of the screen please!!

Awesome baseball

I really like its free now fora limited time try it now so addicting!!!!!

Good game

Good game but you shouldnt have to start at step 1 every time!

Too Hard

Leveling up and unlocking new modes is too hard and takes too long. Developers are making the game too difficult to entice you to purchase free level ups. Not a great model, just very frustrating!


I had the demo for the longest time when the game was not free, but I finally get to play the full game. This was not always free.

Screen size

Make it fit the screen for iPhone 5

Flick honerun

Good game Im the 1000 person to right a review

Xp problem!

My xp bar is stuck i gain no more xp! I tried deleting the app and re downloading it and i changed nothing i get stuck at a certain point! Not good fix that


plz update my ipod keeps crashing. plz update update update


I really like this game, but it seems impossible to unlock any modes other than the minor league mode you start out with. I tried to look for an option to buy the full version, but this is the full version. Very disappointing.


Its really fun but I dont at it a lot.

Awesome Game

Really fun game. Love it, but you should optimize it for the the 4inch screen on the new iPod touch and iPhone. Its a very fun game overall!

Best game ever

This is literally the best game ever if u dont have it u dont know what ur missing and if u dont get it ill barry u in the sand. Like in the what makes u beutiful music video. When harry took a power nap and zayn came up with the idea to burry him in the sand

Score Cheaters

I wish there was some way you could stop people cheating on high scores and stop multiple scores same person different ID

Say no to in-app purchases

Great game play but the over all experience is ruined by the in-app upgrade money grab.

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